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The most scientifically advanced programme of it's kind

The RE:BROW Programme™ was founded with the powerful vision to target hair loss and regrowth specifically for the eyebrows. We believe in the importance of great brows, not just for their powerful role in communication but for the confidence and empowerment they bring.

From following past trends of over-plucking, to experiencing brow loss or thinning, this programme has been created to help everyone achieve fuller, healthier brows.

Developed by International Brow Expert Samantha Trace, having spent 20 years within skin, dermatology and specialising in brow hair loss, her goal was to create a cleanly formulated, high performance hair growth solution. Combining the power of internal and external products for the best visible growth results, our unique and  innovative programme leads with the most recent advances in hair follicle science and the first of it's kind to help restore brows from the inside out.

The RE:BROW Programme™ has taken over two years in the making to bring you sustainable, cruelty-free, vegetarian and vegan products at the highest luxury level.

Our formulations are developed with the finest ingredients along with high-tech tools to give you maximum results for brow restoration.


The Programme™

Two months to better brows


Welcome to your RE:BROW journey

The RE:BROW Programme™ is a two month brow restoration plan combining three unique ways to stimulate dormant follicles and help regrow healthier, fuller brows.

The first step in the programme is our vegetarian Brow Vitamin gummies which have been formulated to restore and help regrow hairs from the inside. Packed full of the very best Vitamins, Biotin and Zinc to improve the body and keratin infrastructure which help thicken and stimulate brow hair growth. 

Take 2 gummies daily for a minimum of two months and enjoy the tastes of strawberry, blueberry and apple.

The second step to the programme is with our Vegan Brow Booster serum, which has been clinically formulated using the finest peptides, vitamins and proteins for eyebrow hair regrowth. The most powerful product that contains extracts that can even reduce the activity responsible for androgenic alopecia. Use every evening for a minimum two months.

The last step of the programme is our Titanium Brow Roller which has x180 0.25mm microscopic needles that has been designed specifically to help stimulate dormant brow follicles and to absorb the Brow Booster serum deeper into the skin. Use 2-3 times a week with the Brow Booster for best results.

* Results vary from person to person and may require additional months for desired results.

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Samantha Trace, Founder and Creative Director

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Browologist and Medical Tattooist Samantha Trace started her international beauty career 20 years ago which has since taken her all over the world. From working as a Skin Specialist and trained under Dermatologists, Samantha's profession has allowed her to work in all areas of the industry including product development, beauty science, setting up Day Spa's across the globe and being a beauty guest presenter on QVC.

Since launching her Medispa in 2017, Samantha specialises purely in brow design with her Microblading work treating thousands of brows, together with her partnership with Nuffield Health to help clients suffering with hairloss conditions such as Alopecia and Cancer.

Samantha has been featured in National publications such as OK! and Hello! Magazine, Glamour, The Daily Mail, The Independent and being named the 'Go to Brow Artist' in Cosmopolitan, she has sculpted and perfected brows for Actresses, Influencers, Fashion Designers and Industry Experts.

Samantha has seen first hand the increase of demand for fuller, thicker brows, but with desire to have better arches comes the difficulty for some in regrowing the hair. Samantha knew there needed to be a better solution for all types of hair and brows. The RE:BROW Programme™ was born on the idea that all women should be able to restore dormant follicles and to reduce chemical activity that causes hair loss. Samantha's passion, knowledge and in-depth experience has been the creation to this brand and high performance programme that truly brings the results people have wanted for decades.

Working with the best scientists and beauty laboratories in Canada has allowed Samantha to design The RE:BROW Programme™ as the first of it's kind and the most advanced brow regrowth collection.

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