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Q: How long is The RE:BROW Programme for?

A: We advise to start with the two month programme. This will start the visible regrowth of brow hairs. If after two months you wanted to carry on for more growth, you can continue to use any of the products individually or another two month programme until results are achieved.

Q: When will I start seeing results?

A: Everyone's results will vary. Some people may see a change very quickly, whereas others may take a few weeks to see visible regrowth. Be rest assured even if it takes time to see brow hairs grow through, know that the products are working deep within to stimulate dormant follicles that have been closed for many years and this may take some time.

Q: Do I have to buy the whole programme?

A: Not at all. We advise the full programme gives the best results if used all together, but there are many reasons why some people may wish not to use the full programme. Please know that with the advanced formulations and tools, you would still see a noticeable difference if used singlely and not all together.

Q: Can I use the full RE:BROW Programme if I have had Microblading or SPMU on my eyebrows?

A: Yes you can! We advise to be careful with the Brow Roller as this could speed up the fading of Microbladed hairs over time may not look as crisp. So in this case we advise to use the Brow Roller no more then once a week. The Brow Vitamins and Brow Serum will not have any effect on Microbladed brows or brows with SPMU. 

Q: Are the RE:BROW products Vegan?

A: Our Brow Booster is 100% Vegan. The Brow Vitamins are suitable for vegetarians.

Q: Can I use The RE:BROW Programme while pregnant?

A: We advise not to take the Brow Vitamins or use the Brow Roller when pregnant, but you can use our Brow Booster serum and still see results from just using the one product.

Q: Can I use The RE:BROW Programme while breast feeding?

A: You can use both the Brow Booster and Brow Roller while breast feeding. We best advise to check with your GP if you wanted to take the Brow Vitamins while breast feeding.

Q: I have really sensitive skin can I still use the Brow Roller?

A: Absolutely. We just advise for more sensitive skins to ease into the use, starting with once a week and increasing. Slight redness is normal as the blood flow is being stimulated, but if you experience excessive redness stop use.

Q:Will the Brow Roller make my skin bleed?

A: Not atall. The Brow Roller has been designed to help stimulate hair follicles and to penetrate our Brow Serum deeper into the skin. The 0.25mm microneedles are not strong enough to puncture the skin and cause any bleeding or skin abrasions. Ensure you are gently rolling and do not put too much pressure on your roller when in use.

Q: Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

A: We are making a conscious effort to minimise and offset our impact on the environment wherever possible. We endeavour, where possible, to utilise only eco-friendly packaging and shipping materials.

Q: How long is shipping once my order has been placed?

A: We aim to ship your products within 3-5 working days from the date of order.

Q: How much is shipping?

A: Standard shipping is £3.99. Free delivery is included with all orders over £50

Q: How do I become a stockist of The RE:BROW Programme?

A: If you are interested in becoming a stockist for The RE:BROW PROGRAMME we would love to hear from you. Please email for more information.

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